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*Fixed Version Uploaded*

Jerry is stuck in Corporate Hell! Help him get out of trouble with his boss before he's demoted to cleaning the toilets, again...

Student project made for FdA Games Development at Northbrook Metropolitan College. This vertical slice was made over a 7 week period with 7 students for our final project. 

Students and their main roles:

Adam Dyer3D Artist
Clare mason-JonesAccessibility
Rob MorphewArtistartstation.com/ghostflame_design
Ben Musgrave3D Artist
Jason Wood (me!)Programmingjason-wood.com
Jonathan WoodbridgeGames Design
Isaac Iqbal-zamora3D Artist

Cover Art by Rob Morphew.

Made using Unity, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Audacity.


This is a student project and no profit will be made from the game or use of the game under any circumstances. Users are free to download and use as they wish. Please credit the creators with a link to this website.

Install instructions

Unity file - Download and unzip the file, the game should run by running the .exe file.


CorporateHellZip.zip 127 MB


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So many great ideas you guys had with this game! Feel like many will get a copywrite strike for some of the music though. Could be wrong unless you weren't really aiming for people to let's play it. I enjoyed the game though  a lot of hard work went into it I see. Love all the different voices for the characters!

Great game. Give it a go and have some fun. Loved it... :)


Well that was shocking and fun, I was pleased to complete this game It will be a great addition to my playlists.  The humour was very unique.  If I see this on Gamejolt I will support it there too.  5/5.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer

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Thank you for playing! I enjoyed the video. I'll put the game on Gamejolt soon. I'm hoping I fixed the version error too, did you run CorporateHell_1.04.exe?

I did not try v1.03 but v1.04 had errors, dialogue would skip in some areas and a critical error would not let me pick up the coffee cup after I put coffee in the machine.  So I ran the other version I found.  it didn't have a version number but it worked.

I like recommending websites to gamers who want to spread their game to other places.  Perhaps the website indiexpo.net would interest you too, they always recommend me to play games on their site and it has a good amount of players.

Fullgames.sk has a games site too. :)

True, but most of those games just refer me back to itch.io :P

That's also true but I did find some good christmas games on there that were not anywhere else. lol